We want to reassure our members that we have taken every precaution to keep people safe and put in place measures to make your time at Peak and enjoyable experience.

The comfort, wellbeing and safety of our members and the team here at Peak, is our top priority.

We are following the latest advice and guidance from the Government and UKActive, the fitness industry’s governing body.

We are taking extra; precautionary hygiene measures, as well as implementing social distancing guidance, to reduce the risk of any infection and all of our team members have been briefed on how to support this.

The actions we are taking to keep our members and teams safe in response to COVID-19 are listed below, along with information on how you, as a member, can help yourself:



  • We have increased the level of cleaning and hygiene in our gyms, in line with PHE guidance
  • We have provided additional cleaning stations and hand sanitizer stations in our gym to allow members to self-clean equipment before and after use
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitisation within the gym, especially the equipment and ‘high touch’ areas such as our pin pads, lockers, door handles, taps etc
  • We are continuing to ensure that our liquid soap supplies in our toilet areas are constantly replenished (as per standard operating procedures) and have increased the amount of cleaning supplies we hold on site
  • We are using a FOG machine every evening in all areas to eliminate bacteria and make all surfaces clean and free from infection
  • We have installed posters in our gyms educating and encouraging good hygiene practice and set guidelines amongst gym members and our team
  • To assist social distancing, we are spacing out equipment differently and turning off every other treadmill/piece of cardio kit to ensure members can remain 2 metre apart whilst using the gym
  • We have reduced our class capacity down to 50% to assist social distancing in our studios
  • We have introduce open air HIIT classes with limited numbers
  • We have briefed our teams in regard to the above measures and also the latest Government advice on self-isolation
  • We have created a robust action plan for in the event we are made aware that an individual active within any of our gyms is confirmed as COVID-19 positive, and our teams are fully briefed on the plan.



Reducing the spread of disease is a team effort and we are keen to work together to keep our members and our teams safe and healthy.

We encourage you to help through good personal hygiene:

  1. Please don’t attend should you have any of the symptoms below:
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • High temperature
  • Shortness of breath


  1. Swipe in your own card on reception as you enter the facility and again as you leave


  1. A staff member will take your temperature before you enter the facility


  1. Use hand sanitizer stations provided as you enter and between each exercise


  1. Spray equipment down before and after use , spray stations are provided throughout the facility


  1. Maintain the 1 or 2 meter social distance  at all times – according to government guidelines


  1. Class numbers will be limited so social distancing can be maintained


  1. Peak social distance spots will be highlighted throughout the facility so we maintain a safe distance


  1. Where possible arrive and leave in your gym kit and avoid using shower facilities


  1. Maintain social distance in the pool areas and again if possible arrive in swimming kit and shower once back home



  1. Please Help limit changing areas to no more than 3 persons at any one time, respect all your fellow members.


We welcome you all back and want to make sure you enjoy your experience in the knowledge that we are supporting member safety and hygiene to the best of our ability.

Train hard and lets increase health and fitness within our community!