My name is Paul Crouch; I am one of the owners at Peak Health & Fitness. I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years, throughout that time fitness has been a huge part of my life both professionally and on a personal level. Growing up with a fitness background has given me many insights into various training techniques.

Always participation in sports and then spending many years training within a bodybuilding structure has helped me gain results personally and professionally while providing the tools for me to help clients achieve goals.

Peak Health opened its doors in 2013 with myself and business partner Mark Bowering at the helm.

Mark has been in the fitness and nutrition industry for over 25 years. Developing techniques and supplementation designed to give everyone the potential to maximise their fitness results.

Body building at a young age gave Mark the skills and experience to drive forward in life and again learn invaluable experience to develop and succeed within the Health & Fitness profession.

Since we started in business together we have continually worked on developing and growing within the industry. We strive to create a system that can give maximum results quickly and effectively without sacrificing other aspects of lifestyle.

The G30 group training program works in Sync with our Peak DNA supplement package. Peak DNA has been developed to support our concept and give a nutritional structure that is achievable and maintainable so clients can hit targets more efficiently and increase overall health and quality of life.

Peak DNA is our own supplement developed for body composition, health and overall vitality.

Collagen proteins with MCT’S help us burn calories, maintain and build muscle mass while increasing metabolism and bone density.

Supplementation is there to assist nutrition, accelerate results and support the healthy lifestyle we strive for.


G30 has been developed around the concept of motivational and effective fitness workouts that give the best results in the shortest, most effective time period.

Working in groups with likeminded individuals had been proven to provide positive results and maintain motivation when many individuals would give up and revert to their normal sedentary lifestyles.  The key to getting results is being within an environment that is enjoyable and motivates you to be the best you can be!

1. Metabolic Conditioning

Using your own body to help maximise your fat burning potential is paramount for success. Metabolic rate is the rate your body burns calories at rest, we have designed workouts that are based around metabolic conditioning so you will burn more calories at a higher rate every day and not just during your workout.
Whole body movements, short interval periods and high intensity exercises that challenge your body will give results every time.

2. Peripheral Heart Rate Training

The heart rate obviously increases when we exert ourselves, this will increase fitness and help recovery the more often we reach maximum levels. During the G30 workouts we switch from upper body to lower body movements and work with high intensity interval training. This makes the heart work harder as the blood flow needs to keep moving to all areas of the body.

3. Lactic Acid Management

The G30 workouts will make you feel the burn! This burning sensation you get during hard training is the build up of Lactic Acid. The Lactic Acid has many fat burning benefits including post-exercise calorie burn off meaning your body burns additional calories following your workout.
Over time you build up you lactic tolerance so you can train harder which in turn increases fitness and the rate you burn calories.

Joining G30 will give you confidence, motivation and support that you don’t get within a normal gym membership. You will be guided though your workouts every step of the way and have the opportunity and ask any questions regarding training and nutrition.
We work to give optimal results to each and every client, in order to do this we have structured our packages to cover all aspects of health and fitness.