Alistair Johnston's Transformation With Peak Health




“I had been training for a few years and just ticking over really. I knew that if I really got focused, with the correct advice and support I could do much better than I had previously.”









Tell us what motivated you to begin such a transformation?

I had been training for a few years and just ticking over really. I knew that if I really got focused, with the correct advice and support I could do much better than I had previously. I knew that in a few years I would be 40 and I also had a child on the way, it was ‘now or never’ sort of thing.

What barriers or hurdles did you hit on the way?

I’m at work full-time as a Crew Manager for Humberside Fire & Rescue Service and I also work for myself, so I am a typical busy person with a social lift to fit-in too. The plan was tailored to my work routine, which was incredible. The Peak Health team showed me how to use supplements, intermittent fasting and HIIT to my advantage – busy times I would use to fast with short-burst training, the results were incredible. Barriers then seemed to be opportunities and it all started to come together.

Did you get any results you didn’t expect?

With the eating plan I was given, over a few weeks I became ‘keto-adapted’, which meant that my body was used to using fats for energy. This stopped me craving sugary foods, I could train well on an empty stomach and my energy levels were always elevated throughout the day. My wife will be the first to say that I was less grumpy if I hadn’t eaten and I know at work I was able to concentrate much better. I think the MCT Oil protocol worked really well for me too.

What would you do differently next time?

Start it sooner and not procrastinate on something, which is as life transforming as this. It has positively impacted all areas of my life from the mind-set change that it has given me. I would also stick to the stretching routine more as I could have probably trained a little harder if I had have.


  • Use your busy life and routines to your advantage
  • Choose the supplement package as it saves money, time and energy
  • Being accountable to someone really makes all the difference



Our Honorable Team

Rich Gardham

Performance Coach

Hi my name is Richard Gardham and here is a short profile of how I came to be at Peak Health I served in the Royal Navy for 8 years. It was during my time in the Royal Navy that I first became interested in health and fitness and started weight training. I joined Sussex Police and then subsequently transferring up to Humberside Police in 2001, when I became aware that my father was suffering with cancer. I am sad to say my father passed away shortly after I moved back home however I was grateful for the time we had spent together again. By now I had been training for 17 years and the gym was part of my daily routine however after having seen my father pass away at 63 years old I decided that my goal would be to live a long healthy life. My police service continued until 2017 when I retired after my full service. Over the past 30 years of training hard I have built up a wealth of knowledge in health, nutrition and training. I know what works and what doesn’t mainly because I have experienced it first hand and I am a firm believer in changing your lifestyle in order to benefit the rest of your life. It is never too late to start so come and find me in the gym and have a chat about what we can do together.


From a military back ground this performance trainer likes to work his clients to his own high standards…..there will be no slacking during his sessions! Fitness, muscle tone and conditioning are among his strong points, book your session now and start your body transformation!

Jonnie Online PT
Jonnie Stewart

Performance Coach

Jonnie Steward Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer Online Coach Men’s Physique Competitive Athlete BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science My passion for Health & Fitness is my driving force as a personal trainer with the aim to provide the most complete personal training package by utilising my years of experience along with my degree certification. I specialise in weight loss, weight management and functional fitness, whilst also having a particular passion for strength training and muscle building. I have been fortunate enough to compete in bodybuilding shows backed by supplement sponsors, as well as writing nutrition and training articles for supplement companies. My focus is to empower my clients into becoming the best possible version of themselves, equipping them with the tools and the knowledge to improve their overall health and wellbeing.